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Are Your Kids Meeting These Dental Milestones?

October 14, 2021 6:42 pm | Published by

Kids go through a lot of changes as they get older. You might be wondering if their smile is on the right track! While every kid is a little bit different, there are certain dental milestones to look for. Here’s what to expect:

By Age 6 Months – 1 Year

Most kids get their first tooth around six months old. Some get their first teeth earlier or later! As soon as this first tooth erupts, it’s time for the first visit to the dentist. If a child hasn’t gotten their first tooth by age 1, we’d still like to see them. Not much happens during this first visit, but we’ll check for any problems and help your child become comfortable with our dentists.

By Age 3

By three years old, most kids have a full set of baby teeth. Brushing and flossing baby teeth is very important even though these teeth eventually fall out. Healthy baby teeth ensure the proper development of adult teeth.

By Age 6

Baby teeth usually start falling out around age 6. Your child will continue to lose teeth for the next few years as their adult teeth come in. Keeping up with regular appointments during this time helps us identify any alignment problems.

By Age 12-13

Most kids have all their adult teeth by age 12-13! If they take good care of their smiles at home and make routine visits to the dentist, these adult teeth can last a lifetime.

Marking Dental Milestones at Vista Ridge Family Dentistry in Cedar Park, Texas

If you’re concerned that your child isn’t meeting these dental milestones, please let us know! We’re proud to offer pediatric dentistry in a kid-friendly environment. We accept most major dental insurance providers and offer an in-house dental membership plan that includes (among many other services) two-child cleanings per year. If you have more questions or want to schedule an appointment, please contact us today.

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