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Will Teeth Whitening Cause Sensitivity?

Are you looking for a way to get a whiter smile? Dark stains or yellowing can disrupt the beautiful appearance of your teeth. If you want to boost your self-esteem, you might seek an easy way to whiten your teeth with an over-the-counter product.

These store-bought kits can enhance your tooth color, but they are not the most effective method of doing so. Your dentist can offer targeted teeth whitening treatment to give you the gorgeous and natural-looking smile of your dreams.

Plus, visiting your dentist for this smile enhancement can help you avoid side effects like tooth sensitivity that might otherwise arise. Read on to discover how your dentist can protect your teeth from potential dangers when you trust them to whiten your teeth.

Will Teeth Whitening Cause Sensitivity

How Does Teeth Whitening Treatment Affect Enamel?

Teeth whitening treatment involves the application of a bleaching gel to the affected teeth. When you seek treatment from your dentist, they may offer this as a take-home kit or an in-office procedure.

Take-home treatment entails custom trays filled with whitening gel that you wear for a few hours to gradually brighten your tooth color. The in-office process involves a dentist applying the gel directly to the teeth and using a UV light to activate the bleaching ingredients.

In both options, the bleaching agents penetrate into the enamel to lift and dissolve dark-colored molecules within the teeth. Because the ingredients reach deep into the teeth, patients may worry that they will irritate and damage the nerves there.

If used without caution, teeth-whitening products might aggravate the enamel and encourage demineralization, a weakening of the teeth. This can lead to discomfort, including tooth sensitivity. For this reason, you should talk to your dentist about teeth whitening rather than try to do this alone.

Choose Professional Teeth Whitening to Minimize Side Effects

Your dentist will prioritize your comfort while you are in their care. This way, you can see a reduced chance of experiencing side effects from teeth whitening treatment than you would from a store-bought kit.

When completed in the office, teeth whitening has professional supervision when it comes to the precise application of the product. Not only does this ensure an even finish, but it is also safer because the dentist knows the right time to remove the gel. The dentist will also use precautions like desensitizing products and a shield for your gums to prevent irritation.

If you worry about tooth sensitivity, you may prefer the take-home whitening treatment from your dentist. The concentration of bleaching agents in this product is lower. Your teeth will see less direct exposure and therefore a lower risk of sensitivity and other discomforts.

To further minimize the chance of developing tooth sensitivity after whitening, you should follow your dentist’s aftercare guidelines. This will mean avoiding acidic and sugary foods and beverages that could harm your enamel right after your treatment. Find the best whitening solution for your smile by booking a dental consultation today.