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Pediatrician Tips for Fighting Cavities

The American Academy of Pediatrics published new updates to their oral health recommendations for children. The list features advice for parents and guardians to promote healthy smiles in their kids, especially when it comes to avoiding cavities.

These early forms of tooth decay are common. But cavities can wreak severe havoc on a child’s smile and have a lasting impact on their oral health. Consider the recent report from expert pediatricians, but consult your child’s pediatric dentist for more specific details regarding your child’s dental health. Read on to find tips that can protect your child’s smile from cavities according to these guidelines.

Pediatrician Tips for Fighting Cavities

Schedule Regular Dental Check-Ups

Dentists and pediatricians agree that you should take your child to their first dental appointment when their baby teeth begin bursting through the gums. This happens around the age of six months, but some babies do not start to grow teeth until after 12 months.

But new research emphasizes that you should bring your child to a dentist by age one. Early attention to a child’s smile ensures that they can stay healthy and develop without issue.

This also initiates good oral habits of attending regular dental check-ups at an early age. Your child will need routine preventative dental care like this to avoid cavities and other dental dangers. The dentist will ensure the teeth are clean as well as strong during these visits.

You might think because a child will lose their baby teeth that the primary teeth do not require this dental attention. But the health of baby teeth will impact the well-being of adult permanent teeth significantly. So do not ignore these crucial dental services.

Drink Plenty of Tap Water

Adequate hydration comes with many wellness advantages. But drinking tap water in particular throughout the day will enhance your child’s ability to fight cavities. Tap water contains fluoride, a naturally occurring mineral that absorbs into teeth and fortifies them, making them better able to resist decay.

Then your child can retain their healthy natural dental structure and reduce the need for the dental work necessary to treat cavities. Bottled water does not have the same amount of fluoride. So young patients might miss out on oral health benefits without tap water.

Limit Juice Consumption

Many kids love drinking fruit juices due to their sweetness. Though some juices contain healthy nutrients, overconsuming this beverage could pose a threat to a child’s oral health.

Citrus fruits are highly acidic. If this type of juice lingers in the mouth, it can start to erode the enamel, the outer layer of the tooth. Kids can be especially in danger of enamel damage due to their developing smiles. Weakened enamel will mean a dental patient has a high risk of cavities.

Juices will often also contain added sugar, and sugar becomes acidic when it reacts with saliva. So this could cause further dental damage. Talk to your child’s dentist to learn about healthy amounts of juice they can consume without harming their smiles.