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Dental Implant Recovery Timeline

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If you’re considering getting dental implants to replace a missing tooth, you probably want to know what to expect in the days and weeks after your surgery. Dental anxieties around advanced procedures are common, but having a clear idea of the process can make everything less stressful. While recovery times will always vary depending on the individual patient and the nature of their procedure, there are some common steps you can expect to go through while recovering.

What Is the Dental Implant Process?

During the actual procedure, a small incision will be made in the gum, a hole will be drilled into the jawbone, and a titanium post will be placed that can serve as a support to whichever tooth replacement option you’re receiving. That may sound intimidating, but it’s a safe procedure that’s commonly treated under local anesthesia. A single dental implant is fairly quick to recover from and will result in minimal swelling and post-treatment pain. The more implants you receive, the more likely it is you’ll notice symptoms like:

  • Bruising around the gums
  • Swelling around the affected area
  • Light bleeding
  • Pain

The Recovery Timeline

One of the key benefits of dental implants is that they effectively become permanent by bonding to the jawbone. It’s important to allow this natural process to take place to make sure that the procedure was fully effective. This is what you’ll want to look out for during this timeframe:

  • First 24 hours: As the anesthetic from your procedure begins to wear off, you’re likely to experience some soreness around the implant. You’ll be prescribed pain medication which will go a long way towards reducing discomfort. Be careful to keep your mouth clean during this stage and avoid touching the affected area, even to brush your teeth.
  • 2-3 Days After: After 24 hours it’s safe to begin gently brushing your teeth. Symptoms are still likely to be present, so you should continue to take any provided medication as necessary. You should be able to begin eating more normally at this point, but if eating causes discomfort you can stick to softer foods.
  • 4-7 Days After: After a few days it should be safe to get back to even rigorous physical activity. Things should definitely begin to stabilize, but if you’re a smoker you’ll want to avoid it for at least a week after the procedure to prevent complications.

Dental Implants at Vista Ridge Family Dentistry

From there it should be mostly smooth sailing, but you’ll want to be aware of continued pain or discomfort in the following weeks. If it continues to be a problem, reach out to your dentist for assistance! If you’re ready to schedule your dental implant consultation, reach out to our team at Vista Ridge Family Dentistry in Cedar Park, Texas today!

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