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Take Advantage of Your Dental Benefits Before the Year Ends!

November 28, 2022 9:42 pm | Published by

A lot goes on at the end of the year, holidays, gatherings, and so forth. Though a lot goes on, you’re likely paying for dental insurance for coverage. If you haven’t taken advantage of your dental benefits, here’s your reminder to use up your benefits before the year ends!

Tips to Take Advantage of Your Dental Benefits

Unfortunately, dental benefits don’t carry from one year to the next. For many dental insurance plans, once December 31 ends, dental benefits expire or reset. These tips can help you take advantage of your dental benefits before the year ends!

Preventive Care

When was the last time you had a routine exam and cleaning? Many dental plans cover preventive dental services like cleanings. If you have not had an exam in the past six months, we suggest contacting our office to find out whether or not you still have this benefit left!

Check Your Deductible

A dental deductible is an amount you’ll have to pay out of pocket before your plan takes over. If you’re nearing your deductible or have already reached it, you may want to consider scheduling necessary treatments that may be covered by insurance.

Start the Year with Healthy Teeth

Delaying dental work until next year may backfire as it could cause you to reach your maximum sooner, running the risk of out-of-pocket costs later in the year. Take a look at your oral health and benefits now to see how you can make the most of both!

Affordable Dental Care in Cedar Park, Texas

Do you need dental work done? Not sure if you have benefits that you need to use? The sooner you find out, the faster you can take advantage of your dental benefits before the year is over! At Vista Ridge Family Dentistry, we accept different dental insurance plans. Give our office a call to schedule a visit!

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