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Are Smile Flaws Holding You Back From Your Career?

August 6, 2021 4:34 pm | Published by

Want your dream career? It may be your smile flaws that are holding you back! The confidence that comes with a beautiful smile could be just the thing to land you that new job or promotion, and we’re here to help you get it!

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According to a recent study by the American Dental Association, many young people aged 18-34 avoid smiling because they are worried about the appearance of their smile due to issues like cavities and gum disease. A whopping 30 percent attributed their struggles with self confidence, especially in the workplace setting, to the appearance of their smile.

Cosmetic Options at Vista Ridge Family Dentistry

You’ve heard the term winning smile, right? Well we’re here to help you get yours. With a variety of different cosmetic dental services, we can fix up your smile in no-time.

  • Professional Teeth Whitening: Here at our practice we offer professional teeth whitening in just one visit! It can lift even the most stubborn stains and help you to achieve a bright white smile that you will want to show off. Professional-grade take-home kits are also available.
  • Traditional Veneers: Prep for that job interview by fixing your smile! Veneers are the number one solution to so many cosmetic issues because they can literally perfect your smile. A thin, durable shell of porcelain designed to fit over the natural tooth, veneers are a permanent solution to everything from discoloration to a broken tooth.
  • Straightening Your Smile: We offer three great treatment options to remedy your crooked or misaligned smile. Six month smiles, Invisalign, and ClearCorrect are all services that work quickly and comfortably. Learn more about each with a quick trip to our website.

Perfect Your Smile in Cedar Park, Texas

Now that you know your options, it’s time for a consultation. We can help you decide which of these amazing cosmetic solutions is the best fit for your smile. Call or visit our website today to get started.

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