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Ways to Reduce Swelling in Gums

February 11, 2022 9:30 pm | Published by

Swollen and tender gums can irritate your mouth and interfere with daily activities. Fortunately, if your gums become swollen, that doesn’t initially mean you’re experiencing a dental problem.

Swollen gums can occur from something as easy as improper brushing or consuming something extra hot. If you are experiencing swollen gums, keep reading to learn how to reduce swelling!

Rinse with Saltwater

Rinsing with saltwater can reduce harmful bacteria on the gums as salt is a natural disinfectant. Not only can saltwater rinses minimize swelling, but they can also encourage healing to damaged areas. To correctly salt rinse, mix one teaspoon of salt into a warm cup of water. Swish the water in your mouth and then spit it out, do not swallow.

Substitute Foods

Your gums line the bottom of your teeth. When swollen or irritated, eating or drinking may become impacted. One way to continue to perform daily activities, like eating, is to substitute foods that may be easier to chew. Soft and room temperature foods may be more bearable and reduce the chance of further irritation.

Brush & Floss Gently

Though your gums may be tender to the touch, it’s still important to brush twice a day and floss! It is best to brush with a soft bristle toothbrush and to perform gentle strokes. When brushing, pay attention to the gum line to prevent further irritation. When flossing, curve around the tooth instead of moving it up and down to avoid contact with the gums.

Comprehensive Dental Care in Cedar Park, Texas

If you have persistent swollen gums, there may be an underlying issue like gum disease or infection. At Vista Ridge Family Dentistry, we offer comprehensive dental care to help your smile stay healthy. From general to emergency dentistry, we’ve got you covered. If you’re experiencing swollen gums with or without pain, give our office a call so our friendly team can further assist you!

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