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5 Tips to Protect Your Teeth from Your Favorite Fall Drinks

September 14, 2022 7:24 pm | Published by

It’s something we wait all year for without shame, seasonal beverages. If your guilty pleasure is pumpkin spice, apple cider, or another iconic flavor, we understand indulging in a latte or two. But have you ever wondered how your favorite fall drinks affect your teeth? Don’t put the cup down though. Follow these 5 tips to protect your teeth instead!

1. Substitute for Sugar-Free

Between pumpkin spice and cinnamon, thinking about these sweet flavors will surely make your taste buds water. Unfortunately, these flavors often come in sugary syrup. Since sugar is the main culprit for softening enamel and causing cavities, try sugar-free substitutes to reduce your cavity exposure.

2. DIY Fall Drinks

Part of the fall spirit is baking homemade meals, so why not add drinks to the mix? While going through the drive-thru for your favorite fall drink is convenient, have some fun by making a DIY fall drink with healthier alternatives. Purchase sugar-free syrups, Splenda, or decaf as a start!

3. Warm Cup of Tea

Did you know green tea contains fewer tannins than black tea or other dark beverages? Tannins cause tooth discoloration. Instead of reaching for a cup of tea filled with cinnamon or honey, opt for a warm cup of green tea, known for reducing gum inflammation and warding off cavities!

4. Opt for a Straw

Whether you order a small or large, accepting a straw with your fall drink can make a big difference in protecting your teeth! Drinking with a straw can cause less enamel deterioration and less tooth sensitivity.

5. Remember to Drink Water

Did you know an increased intake of caffeinated beverages can leave you feeling thirstier? If you’re going for several lattes, sugar-free or not, it’s important to drink water during and after. Water will wash away residue and keep you hydrated!

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