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How Can Parents Help Prevent Tooth Decay?

May 27, 2021 8:24 pm | Published by

Cavities are not an unusual occurrence for kids. According to research, 42% of kids between the ages of 2 to 11 have had decay in their baby teeth. While baby teeth fall out, decay is still a problem and can affect a child’s oral health for years to come. How can parents help prevent cavities?

Why Are Kids Vulnerable to Cavities?

Any child can get cavities, but some are more likely to get them. Factors like genetics play a role. If you tend to get cavities, odds are your kid might, too. Kids also often have trouble picking up good brushing and flossing habits, so parents need to play an active role until a child forms good routines. If your child’s diet has a lot of starchy and sugary foods, they can get more cavities, especially if they don’t brush and floss well.

What You Can Do to Help Prevent Tooth Decay

There are a handful of things you can do to help protect your child’s teeth from decay. As soon as your child gets their first tooth, it’s time to start cleaning their teeth. Once they’re old enough to brush and floss themselves, it’s still important to supervise for a while longer. You can help your child build good habits by modeling them.

It’s also important to establish your child’s dental home as soon as they get their first tooth or around their first birthday. We offer preventative services like fluoride treatments and dental sealants, which are proven to reduce cavities. Helping your child develop good oral hygiene habits at home and taking them to the dentist at least twice a year sets your child up for a lifetime of good dental health.

Pediatric Dentistry at Vista Ridge Family Dentistry

At our Cedar Park office, we’re pleased to offer pediatric dentistry. We understand many kids struggle with anxiety about the dentist, so we strive to make them as comfortable as possible. Kid-friendly amenities include blankets, books, toys, and video games. We also have a Healthy Smiles Club, which rewards patients 14 and younger who either don’t have cavities or who receive treatment for cavities! If you have any questions about our services or want to book an appointment for your child, please contact us today.

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