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Can Invisalign Help with Teeth Grinding & TMJ?

February 14, 2023 6:48 pm | Published by

Invisalign is the most popular type of clear aligner therapy. Using gentle pressure, Invisalign straightens crooked teeth and misaligned bites. Can it help with teeth grinding and TMJ? Here’s what to know:

Teeth Grinding, TMJ & Misalignment Can Be Connected

Teeth grinding (which is officially known as bruxism) wears down your teeth and causes jaw pain. TMJ, which refers to problems with the two joints connecting your jaw to your skull, causes symptoms like ear ringing, jaw soreness, headaches, and more. Teeth grinding can cause TMJ and vice versa. Crooked teeth can also cause TMJ, which makes these three issues closely related.

Invisalign Fixes Misalignment

If your TMJ and teeth grinding are related to misalignment, Invisalign will help! Over 6-12 months, these custom-made clear aligners push your smile into alignment. Every two weeks, you will switch to the next aligner in the set as your teeth move into place. For the quickest and best results, you should wear your Invisalign for 21-22 hours a day.

Invisalign Also Cushions Your Teeth From Grinding

When you wear Invisalign, the plastic creates a protective cushion between your top and bottom teeth! The aligners won’t keep you from clenching your jaw, but your teeth won’t directly touch each other. Whether you grind your teeth all the time or only at night when you can’t stop yourself, Invisalign protects your enamel and relieves pressure on your jaw.

Invisalign Treatment at Vista Ridge Family Dentistry in Cedar Park, Texas

If misalignment causes your TMJ and teeth grinding, Invisalign can resolve the problem! Clear aligners also protect your tooth enamel from damage caused by teeth grinding. Dentists can diagnose TMJ and teeth grinding during an exam, so if you’re suffering from symptoms like jaw pain and jaw clicking, please let us know. Contact us today if you have questions or want to book a consultation for Invisalign!

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