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13 Spooky Tips for a Healthy Halloween

October 25, 2022 6:48 pm | Published by

Halloween is many people’s favorite holiday! How do you make this fun season a bit healthier for your teeth and body? Here are 13 tips:

1. Avoid Sticky Candy

Sticky candies like gummies, caramel, and taffy stay on your teeth for a long time and are hard to remove.

2. Don’t Bite Down on Hard Candy

Even small pieces of hard candy can crack or chip your teeth if you bite down.

3. Lollipops Are Very Bad for Your Teeth

Sucking on a lollipop (or any hard candy) floods your teeth with sugar. The longer your teeth get exposed to sugar, the more vulnerable you are to cavities.

4. Avoid Sour Candy

Sour candy can be especially bad for your teeth thanks to the combination of sugar and acidic sour flavoring.

5. Rinse with Water After Eating Candy

After eating candy, rinsing your mouth with water helps remove sugar and sticky residue from your teeth.

6. Wait at Least a Half Hour Before Brushing & Flossing

You should brush and floss your teeth after eating candy but wait at least a half hour since sugar softens your tooth enamel.

7. Dark Chocolate Is the Best Candy

Dark chocolate is the best candy option since it has less sugar, doesn’t stick like gummy candies, and isn’t too hard.

8. Make Healthier Halloween Snacks

There are lots of Halloween treats that aren’t candy, such as decorated bananas, yogurt or peanut butter-dipped apple slices, and so on.

9. Try Sugar-Free Alternatives

There are lots of sugar-free candy alternatives available these days. Many of them are still acidic, so it’s still best to eat them in moderation.

10. Avoid All-Day Candy Snacking

Grazing all day long increases your risk for cavities. Eat your helping of candy in one sitting and then give your teeth a break.

11. Eat a Healthy Dinner

On October 31st, fill up on a satisfying, healthy dinner so you aren’t hungry all night long and turning to the candy bowl over and over again.

12. Go Easy on the Apple Cider

Hot apple cider (which is unfiltered apple juice) is a favorite Halloween beverage, but it’s sugary and very acidic. Drink in moderation, rinse with water, and brush your teeth.

13. Don’t Buy Candy too Early

If you’re passing out Halloween candy, try not to buy it too far ahead of schedule. You’ll be tempted to snack on it for days, which isn’t great for your teeth.

Have a Healthy Halloween at Vista Ridge Family Dentistry in Cedar Park, Texas

Halloween is fun for kids and adults, but you still want to maintain healthy habits and protect your smile! By following these tips, it’s possible to have a tooth-friendly, enjoyable Halloween. If you have any questions about our services or want to schedule an appointment, please contact us today!

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