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Should My Children Have Fluoride?

April 20, 2021 8:05 pm | Published by

As most of our team are parents ourselves, we understand first hand the importance of doing extensive research when it comes to making healthcare decisions for our little ones. We get many questions about fluoride and if it’s safe for both kids and adults. Read on to learn more about fluoride, its purpose, and if we recommend it for children!

What Is Fluoride?

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that is found in many foods and water. It’s widely used in dentistry because of its ability to remineralize tooth enamel. Tooth enamel gains and loses minerals every day! Fluoride helps remineralize enamel to keep teeth healthy and strong. Without the proper amount of minerals deposited back into the enamel, teeth begin to decay.

Is Fluoride Safe for Kids?

Yes, fluoride is safe for kids in dentist-monitored and over-the-counter product doses! In fact, fluoride is crucial to a child’s oral health development. When introduced early on, fluoride actually helps develop stronger, more acid-resistant permanent teeth. In addition to strengthening permanent teeth, fluoride also protects baby teeth, which are naturally more susceptible to cavities than permanent teeth. Fluoride is also important for adults, too! Fluoride helps promote remineralization and is an important mineral for kids’ and adults’ teeth.

How Do I Get Fluoride?

Fluoride is available in many foods and is put in most communities’ water supplies. You can also purchase fluoridated toothpaste and mouth rinse. Most dentists recommend always using a low-dose fluoridated toothpaste to promote enamel health! For stronger doses of fluoride, especially for kids, fluoride can be applied through a foam, gel, or tooth varnish at your child’s dental appointment. Many kids get fluoride treatments at the dentist to help boost their oral health.

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Is your child ready for a dental checkup and cleaning? Most of the time, your child will also get a fluoride treatment at their biannual visits! If you’re looking for a friendly, comprehensive dental practice for your child and your family, we’d love to see you. Please contact us to book an appointment at Vista Ridge Family Dentistry!

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