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Dental Milestones Your Child Should Reach

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As children grow up, they go through so many developmental milestones it can be easy to overlook the important moments in their dental health. Being aware of these milestones however, can help to make sure your kids start off their lifelong oral health journey on the right foot. At Vista Ridge Family Dentistry in Cedar Park, Texas, we want to make sure your child’s dental needs are met from the moment they’re ready to start receiving dental care. To help you prepare for these crucial developments we’ve put together this guide on what to expect.


It’s not long at all before infants begin to grow new teeth. After just about three months, you should notice your baby chewing on just about whatever they can get their hands on. Teething toys are widely available to help this process along. If they seem to be experiencing any pain or discomfort from teeth growing in, cold washcloths and gum massages can help. As of age one, most babies will have at least one fully grown tooth and are ready for their first dental checkup!

Losing Baby Teeth

A full set of baby teeth typically isn’t complete until around age three, and they only stick around a few years before they begin to be replaced. You can expect your child to start losing their baby teeth at around age six. This is often a very gradual process, where the teeth become loose before falling out. It can be tempting to get it over with and yank out the tooth, especially with the promise of money from the tooth fairy. However, it’s best to allow the tooth to fall out on its own. Gentle wiggling and pressure can speed things up without causing any damage to the gums.

Managing Adult Teeth

By age 13 you can expect your child to have all of their adult teeth with the exception of their third molars (or wisdom teeth). If you’ve kept up with your child’s dental checkups they shouldn’t have much to worry about it, but sometimes adult teeth grow in with notable spacing issues. If that’s the case, braces can help make sure the teeth will be in an optimal position when wisdom teeth grow in.

Wisdom Teeth

The wisdom teeth are the last to grow in, which often won’t happen until your child’s late teens. Most people choose to have them removed since they’re much more likely than other teeth to cause alignment issues, pain, or gum infections. Fortunately the wisdom tooth removal process is straightforward. When it’s time for your child to have their wisdom teeth extracted you can help them by keeping them relaxed and hydrated, and making sure they avoid hard-to-chew foods.

Dental Milestones at Vista Ridge Family Dentistry

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