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These Dental Issues Can Be Causing Your Migraines

September 17, 2021 6:46 pm | Published by

Stress, tiredness, and loud sensory stimuli are all common causes behind migraines, but did you know that dental issues can also play a role in creating painful headaches too? At first glance, it may seem unusual to think that a problem with your teeth can actually result in something as frustrating as a migraine, but it is possible. Here are some of the specific dental issues that may be causing your migraines.

Teeth Grinding

When you constantly grind or clench your teeth, it’s a condition called bruxism. Aside from other negative effects like damaging your enamel, bruxism is also known to cause tension headaches. This is because all of that pressure and strain from your mouth and jaw eventually results in a headache.

TMJ Disorder

Temporomandibular joint disorder, sometimes shortened to TMJ disorder or simply TMD, is another dental issue that can cause a migraine. Your TMJ is the joint that allows you to move your jaw up, down, and side to side. When there’s a problem with this joint, it affects the muscles of your jaw and that can then lead to a headache.

Severe Tooth Decay

Sometimes, a case of severe tooth decay can lead to a headache. Many people might think that the headache must be a separate problem, but it is possible for dental infection to cause pain outside of the tooth where it exists. It might be a rare occurrence, but it does happen!

Do you think a dental issue could be behind your chronic migraines? Schedule a consultation at Vista Ridge Family Dentistry and we can see how our knowledgeable team might be able to help! We provide a comprehensive suite of dental services at our Cedar Park dental practice, and we’ll be able to create a custom treatment plan to get you the relief you deserve from any dental problems.

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