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Start the New Year with These 5 Dental Hygiene Habits

December 26, 2022 6:50 pm | Published by

Looking to work on you in 2023, but don’t know where to start? With a never-ending list of things to improve on, it’s often common to overlook the importance of oral care. However, a cleaner, brighter smile can give you a boost in confidence that could be exactly what you need to kick-start the New Year on the right foot. Here are 5 simple dental hygiene habits that you could adopt for healthier teeth and gums.

1. Regular Brushing & Flossing

Dentists cannot stress enough how important the consistency of brushing twice a day and flossing daily can be! The practice of daily brushing and flossing may sound trivial, but it allows you to take part in preventive action against infections and diseases. Of course, consistency is crucial, but technique influences the effectiveness of this daily task. So be sure to brush on all surfaces of your teeth at a 45-degree angle for 2 minutes so that you remove all plaque. Don’t brush too hard and be gentle when flossing to avoid bleeding and inflamed gums.

2. Limit Sugary Drinks

We’ve grown up being told that candy gives you cavities, and it’s no different for sugary drinks! If you’re in the habit of drinking sodas or sweet juices daily, you could be contributing to your next cavity. Drinking water is best for your teeth, but if that’s difficult, try to limit sweetened beverages in small volumes, and remember to brush your teeth before going to bed.

3. Enjoy Those Crunchy Veggies

Did you know that crunchy veggies can help clean your mouth? In the New Year, consider consuming more crunchy veggies, which is said to stimulate the production of saliva. The saliva actually works as a type of natural mouthwash that cleans your mouth!

4. Avoid Smoking

Aside from damaging your lungs, smoking can cause tooth discoloration, inflammation in the gums, and an increased risk of oral cancer. While quitting smoking is not easy, putting an end to the habit does significantly reduce health issues to not only your teeth but your overall body as well.

5. Keep Up with Your Dental Visits

It’s important to follow-up with your 6-month routine cleanings. While brushing and flossing daily will help you keep up with maintenance, there are things that only a dental professional could do, like removing plaque in hard-to-reach areas, that are important in sustaining good oral hygiene. At Vista Ridge Family Dentistry, we value preventive care. If you haven’t scheduled your next cleaning yet, give us a call, and we’d be happy to welcome you to our office.

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