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Everything You Need to Know About Clear Aligner Therapy

November 11, 2021 7:16 pm | Published by

In the market for straighter teeth? Then you may have already constantly searched through the array of options cosmetic dental care offers such as braces, veneers, or clear aligners.

While traditional braces or veneers are great, if you’ve narrowed your search to clear aligner therapy, here’s everything you need to know!

Clear Aligner Therapy

Many patients opt for clear aligner therapy as the process is more convenient and discreet than traditional braces. This means there are no food restrictions or bulky wires!

The custom sets are usable on both the upper and lower teeth and are switched about every two weeks to progress treatment. During this time, the aligners apply pressure to the teeth to guide them to the ideal position.

Care for Clear Aligners

While you may be excited about the process, it’s important to note that taking care of your clear aligners will result in healthy teeth and clear aligner therapy success.

Instead of brushing and flossing the clear aligners like natural teeth, you should avoid using toothpaste or any harsh abrasive product on them and rinse them with room temperature water. You also should take them out when you eat. Taking caution with your clear aligners can prevent damage.

It’s also helpful to keep your previous aligners to use if you lose your current set. Keeping the last aligner set to use in an unfortunate incident prevents clear aligner therapy progress from backtracking while our dentist creates another set of aligners for you.

Clear Aligner Treatment

You can also opt to use a clear aligner only on the upper or lower teeth. Our dentist will be happy to work with your needs. At Vista Ridge Family Dentistry, we offer two clear aligner therapy options for patients. We offer Invisalign and ClearCorrect, both of which can help patients achieve their dream smiles discreetly.

To learn more about custom clear aligner therapy options, give our office a call to schedule an orthodontic consultation!

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