Ice Cravings – A Sign of Something Worse?

September 13th, 2017

We all know someone who asks for extra ice just so they can chew on it. And we’ve probably all heard that chewing ice is not healthy for your teeth. So what’s the truth? Is it best to put a stop to ice chewing? Absolutely, and for more reasons than most people are aware of. […]

If You’re Avoiding the Dentist

August 27th, 2017

We’ve all got our reasons. Money. Time. The fear of pain. Juggling insurance. Facing one more reminder that we really should be flossing more. Any of these might cause us to avoid and put off regular visits to the dentist. Has it been so long since your last dental appointment that you’re not even sure […]

How Baby Teeth Help Mouths Grow Up Right

August 13th, 2017

Every Cedar Park parent remembers seeing their baby’s first teeth emerge, watching the rest pop up, and finally cheering as their child loses their first baby tooth, all in the blink of an eye! In fact, baby teeth come and go so quickly that some people are led believe they don’t have an impact on […]

The Story of Caries Prevention

July 27th, 2017

If we told you that your mouth is the site of a constant battle between teeth and bacteria, would you believe us? Alright, maybe it’s not that dramatic, but the fact that Cedar Park teeth are always at risk of developing dental caries is no exaggeration. In case you’ve never heard about caries, Dr. Kerr, […]

How to Clean Teeth Like a Dentist

July 13th, 2017

Oral hygiene is the foundation of good dental health. Brushing and flossing regularly is the best way to keep your Cedar Park smile healthy and clean. Consider this your personal tutorial on the art of dental hygiene, instructed by Dr. Kerr, Dr. Hedgecock & Dr. Patel and the expert hygienists at Vista Ridge Family Dentistry. […]

Hill Country News: Voted Best of the Best Dentist!

July 10th, 2017

Thank you for voting for us! We’d like to thank all of the patients we’ve had the pleasure of meeting and treating for voting Vista Ridge Family Dentistry as Hill Country News Best of the Best in the dentist category. Dr. Max Kerr, Dr. Brandon Hedgecock, and Dr. Supriya Patel are grateful for your support! […]

Why You Can’t Afford to Ignore Bleeding Gums

June 27th, 2017

One of the most common and destructive myths about dental hygiene is that it’s normal for gums to bleed. Dr. Kerr, Dr. Hedgecock & Dr. Patel would like everyone in Cedar Park to know that this is not the case! Imagine if we weren’t talking about gums- should any part of your body start to […]

Bacteria: The Good, The Bad & The Neutral

June 13th, 2017

Living in a land of antibacterial gels, soaps, plastics, and even fabrics, it might surprise you to hear that tons of bacteria live in your mouth every day, and they aren’t all bad! In fact, some play an important role in keeping up your overall health. Some oral bacteria, however, can cause serious problems and […]

Introducing Dr. Edmonds!

June 13th, 2017

Vista Ridge Family Dentistry is happy to welcome Dr. Edmonds to our dental family. Dr. Edmonds will be here part-time to help us serve our practice’s growing patient base. The addition of Dr. Edmonds to our team helps us avoid delays when scheduling your appointments, and we’re excited to add the service of in-house implant […]

Your Options for Teeth Straightening

May 27th, 2017

Maybe Mona Lisa would have cracked a real smile if she had been more confident in her teeth! All jokes aside, you don’t have to live every day in embarrassment of your own smile. Orthodontic treatments today are much more desirable than those of yesteryear. There are a lot of good reasons to straighten your […]

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